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  1. 3 Tips for easy journaling

    2024-02-21 13:29:21 UTC
    My daily journal is one of my non-negotiables….Sometimes I write nothing of seemingly obvious value. But it clears the way, getting out all the thoughts so I can move on to more juicy stuff. Whenever I have too many ideas, not enough ideas, things playing on my mind or seeking…

  2. Affirmations for creatives and makers

    2024-01-15 12:24:41 UTC
    Creating a routine for using affirmations has changed my game. Here’s a suggested routine for integrating affirmations into your day, please note, I’m not suggesting you do all of these, just cherry-pick what might work for you. Experiment, using one from each section. Let go of what doesn’t serve. Morning

  3. What is mindful branding?

    2024-01-09 10:51:00 UTC
    Connecting Visuals with Emotions. In a world where we are inundated with visual content, the art of branding transcends mere aesthetics. It’s a conduit for emotions, a way to carry your unique message, and a gateway to establishing deep connections with your audience. As a photographer specialising in soulful branding…

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