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My name is Nicky. I've had over 20 years experience in  creative industries. I was an actor & director for 12 years so my approach draws on years of storytelling practice which helps me to capture the sub-plots as well as the main narrative you could say.

I believe that when you feel relaxed and intentional, you will get photos full of personality, that showcase who you are. You deserve to feel at your absolute best during your photoshoot and I'm passionate about cultivating a mindset that breeds resilience, creativity, and self-belief. 

I'm here to help you nature loving creatives and artists show up for yourselves and elevate your presence. I've created guides to help you do this which I'm excited to share with you once you're book in with me. I want you to feel prepared and there are some really simple things you can do which I'll help you with. For more information on my approach please do take a look at my branding and journal pages. 

And if this sounds good to you then it's likely we're a good fit, and that is really important in helping you towards feeling relaxed.

You can hear me chatting all things creative over on Following the Joy podcast, links below.





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