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  1. Confidence comes from action

    2023-05-22 11:26:00 UTC
    Few people are totally comfortable with having their photographs taken.  There’s a perceived lack of confidence that erodes our impulses to do stuff, make stuff, and share things. During the course of the pandemic, increased use of social media, and the incredible stresses we’ve been under, it’s no wonder so…

  2. “Prioritise your uniqueness”

    2023-04-24 20:16:00 UTC
    “Don’t prioritise your looks my friend, as they won’t last the journey Your sense of humor though, will only get better with age. Your intuition will grow and expand like a majestic cloak of wisdom. Your ability to choose your battles, will be fine-tuned to perfection. Your capacity for stillness,…

  3. Branding photography hand holding

    2023-03-20 15:21:00 UTC
    You are trying to make the world a better place, let me help you with that with photography that will resonate. Connecting with your audience is the first step in building trust and communicating your values, but you know this right? What you may not know is that you have…

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