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  1. What all my clients have in common

    2023-11-06 14:20:00 UTC
    Throughout my photography career, I’ve heard the same thing. During family shoots, wedding days, events and branding photo shoots….these words have been uttered, usually by women. Can you guess what it is?…. “I hate having my photograph taken”. Not ‘dislike’, or ‘not keen on’, but ‘HATE”.  Such a strong word.…

  2. What’s holding you back from showing up?

    2023-07-24 10:19:00 UTC
    Do you know? Is it something you’re aware of? I’m happy to share my reasons.  Why I didn’t want to show my face for years, and I understand the feelings of doubt and not readiness…any of these familiar? I need to lose weight first I hate the way I look…

  3. How red traffic lights can save your day

    2023-06-19 09:37:00 UTC
    Seeing a red traffic light used to drive me nuts, I’d let it bother me and change how I was feeling; sighing at best, and swearing under my breath at worst.  Then I noticed my kids also get annoyed by them too like they were always in a rush. They…

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