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Helen Whitaker, fine artist

When Helen enquired, she was in need of some new website imagery and as soon as she explained that she was a fine artist, I felt an enormous pang of excitement and couldn't wait to meet her. She had never had professional branding photography before and was equally excited if a little nervous. But digging into her power, she embraced the process, even the slightly uncomfortable feelings at being in front of the lens. We talked through her process, her journey to being at this point and things unfolded naturally and with ease. Getting to be a part of her story, with these photographs is an honour.

Helen paints the most exquisite pieces, inspired by the beauty all around her. Currently she is creating a series of works focusing on blossoms and in her own words...“My heartfelt desire is to guide others to feel transported and connected through the transformative medium of my paintings, which possess a profound quality— to bypass the mind and engage the heart”

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