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For Creatives 

Do you wish you could have beautiful photos that truly convey who you are? Are you ready to send a clear branding signal that attracts your dream customers like a magnet? 

You need your story out there, building interest, trust, relationships. Don't miss out on potential opportunities by relying on generic visuals that are not authentic. Think of me as your artistic ally, dedicated to bringing your essence to life.

I create visual stories that reflect you. From gentle portraiture, capturing the subtleties of your process, to your passion behind your business; every nuance is brought to life. 

My mindful approach focuses on the importance of being in the present moment and being intentional. No more feeling awkward or making content that tanks or sits in your drafts never to see the light of day.

My approach takes away overwhelm, procrastination and confusion. I help you prepare for the shoot in an effortless way so on the day, you'll be relaxed, ready and even excited. This will result in photos that really feel like you. That you'll actually want to use as marketing material.

Your audience will get to know you and you'll build your relationships with your ideal clients...the holy grail. 


I can help you craft your visual identity and ensure all your communications are aligned. Stand out in a crowded market by with photos that capture the essence of your personal creative journey. Your story is unique.

If there are any unhelpful doubts or fears, we'll address those and re-frame them. And remember nerves and excitement are the same thing physiologically, and I will help you to feel at ease.


By the way, in case you've forgotten, You are enough, right now. Don't give in to thinking you need to wait for things to be different. Or for you to feel different. Now is perfect.

Elevate your online presence and showcase yourself in a way that builds your brand and captivates your dream clients. This photoshoot is a symbol of your commitment to yourself and a declaration of the power already inside of you.


You will get access to a bank of helpful resources for getting maximum results with your photo shoot. This includes mindset work, meditations, videos. 

Let yourself be immersed in this photography experience that goes beyond the standard branding shoot. I don't just take your photograph, I help you to embody the most positive empowering feelings so you can elevate your artistic presence.

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My first career was acting. I spent years learning how to show up even if I was scared, nervous, excited, occasionally full of impostor syndrome. I was also one of those introverted actors who came to life on stage but I had to harness those huge feelings energetically so that I could feel relaxed enough to perform with integrity and intention. I repeatedly stepped into the shoes of an imagined character.

I also had a bought of low confidence and had to dig myself out of it by developing my mindset, learning techniques that enabled me to overcome the self doubt. 

My acting background is my magic, my secret sauce. I’ve been both sides of the lens and I know how to help you show up as your best self. This is what sets me apart from other photographers & it’s why my clients say they feel at ease in my shoots. 

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There are a few options depending on where you are in your journey and I can help advise you on what sort of shoot you need for now. Together, we'll plan your personalised photo shoot to ensure you get everything you need. Once you've paid your booking fee of £250, your date is secured and I'll send you your contract and questionnaire to get started with planning. Remember your photo shoot is an allowable tax expense.

Photoshoots that take place in Steyning will have a £100 discount applied

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I'm passionate about helping you be more visible and offer tailor made sessions to suit your needs. In these sessions we can discuss and refine your vision and ways to present yourself that will compel your clients to take notice. 

1 hour session: a supportive space to flesh out ideas and get feedback on your current online photography £125.00

Four x 1 hour sessions: giving you ongoing support and guidance to help your ideas to unfold. Great for accountability and encouragement with specific measurable goals  £450.00

"I felt a bit nervous before the shoot, I hadn't had a branding shoot before but Nicky had such a way that put me at ease. She helped me prepare for it beforehand and so on the day I was able to use these simple techniques to get me feeling calm and relaxed really quickly. I didn't feel as awkward as I thought I would. I began to really enjoy it as we were just chatting away. Nicky was directing me to think about things that really matter to me and she'd be snapping away mid conversation. I forgot about the camera. I loved the gallery of images she sent over, they were exactly what I had imagined. I cant wait to work with her again."  

Helen Whitaker, fine artist


Click to get in touch and book in a chat with me, 

I'd love to hear from you. 

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