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You’re an artist committed to sharing your creative expression and having an impact on the world. You know you need professional photography to elevate your presence so you try and show up more, but you feel awkward. 

You spend FOREVER making content that tanks or sits in drafts. You flirt with reels, FB groups, free tips, lead magnets, webinars, all the ideas but you're inconsistent so progress is slow.

You wonder if you're missing out on potential sales & you're  ready to do something different. 


My approach takes away overwhelm, procrastination and confusion. I  help you prepare for the shoot in an effortless way so on the day, you'll be relaxed, ready, excited. This will give you a consistent visual brand identity & authentic marketing material.

Your audience will get to know you and you'll speak directly to your ideal client which will increase your engagement, conversations and sales. 


My first career was acting. I spent years learning how to show up even if I was scared, nervous, excited, occasionally full of impostor syndrome. I was also one of those introverted actors who came to life on stage but I had to harness those huge feelings energetically so that I could feel relaxed enough to perform with integrity and intention. I repeatedly stepped into the shoes of an imagined character.

I also had a bought of low confidence and had to dig myself out of it by harnessing my mindset with learning techniques that totally worked in helping me overcome self doubt. 

My acting background is my magic, my secret sauce. I’ve been both sides of the lens and I know how to help you show up as your best self. This is what sets me apart from other photographers & it’s why my clients say they feel at ease in my shoots. 

"I spent years avoiding a proper photoshoot. I just couldn't face the idea of it. I was nervous and it seems easier to keep on using my iPhone, it worked okay for a while. But I didn't have a headshot that I felt proud of, the photos I was using felt a bit unprofessional which wasn't the message I wanted at all. You helped me realise, I didn't have to do traditional and awkward posed photos."

" Nicky, you helped me to focus on what my goals were and your process gave me easy and effective techniques to try at home. This fast tracked me to feeling pretty relaxed on the day and I actually began enjoying it. You got me to a place where I wasn't as worried about the camera, I was focusing on my business and why I wanted to start showing up".



Please note I offer a discount of £100 for photoshoots that take place in Steyning, West Sussex.

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 The real potent powerful secret to standing out and being noticed by your dream clients and engaging with them is to be fully authentically you, don't follow the crowd. When you take up space and tap into your truth, you attract your tribe, like a magnet. 

The more YOU you are being in your photos, the more the right people will find you. 


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